Promotion Solutions

Prize Management & Fulfillment

Selecting the Right Prizes

Selecting the right prizes for your promotion is the single most important factor in determining your promotion's success. in fact, selecting the right prizes can increase participation 16 times: 5% vs. 83%. SweepstakesPros will work with you in choosing the best prizes for your promotion by:

  • Helping to define your target audience and their interests/needs/passions.
  • Developing a prize structure that will have the greatest appeal to your consumers.
  • Sourcing the prizes at the best prices or negotiate with prize partners for free prizes.
  • Handling the warehousing and fulfillment of prizes with personalized congratulations letters.
  • Providing online and toll free customer service to all winners.

SweepstakesPros distributes over 50,000 brand name items, so we can find the right prizes at discount prices!

Prize Management Services

  • Prize Selection. Choosing the right prizes for your sweepstakes is the number one factor in determining the success of your promotion. Did you know that you could lose money by choosing too many prizes? Knowing which prizes will appeal the most to your consumers can save you money and increase the performance of your sweepstakes. At SweepstakesPros, we are experts at selecting the prizes that will drive your promotion goals and save you money.
  • Prize Procurement. SweepstakesPros is a wholesaler that distributes thousands of brand-name items at factory-direct prices. We will save you money on your promotions budget, and if we don’t carry your prize, we will find it for the right price.
  • Free Prizes. Want to offer car or a trip in your sweepstakes for free? SweepstakesPros can find prize partners that will provide free prizes for the chance to get exposure to your customers. SweepstakesPros will find the right sponsors and negotiate with them so you both benefit from working together on making your sweepstakes a success.
  • Travel Prizes. For over fifteen years, SweepstakesPros has been creating trip give aways. SweepstakesPros professional travel management services will design, plan and manage the travel prize so your winners have the perfect trip.
  • Insured Prizes. Want to offer a $50,000 prize but only have a $5,000 budget? SweepstakesPros can help you take the risk out of a great promotional idea. We'll show you how to structure, fund and execute high-level prize promotions and do it without surprises.
    •  Contingency Insurance lets you offer an enormous prize for a cost that’s only a fraction of the prize amount.
    • Over-Redemption Insurance will cover redemptions that exceed a pre-determined limit. Now, when your promotion is a success in excess of your budget, you're protected.
    • Prize Annuities. If your promotion has a million dollar winner and the rules call for the prize to be paid over a period of years, SweepstakesPros can help you structure the rules and purchase the annuity.
  • Digital Incentives. Online incentive programs are an excellent way to motivate employees and engage customers. SweepstakesPros specializes in implementing low cost, highly effective online programs.
    • PayPal Cash Awards
    • Email Gift Certificates
    • SuperCertificates - Recipients choose their own gift certificates from over 700 merchants.
    •,, Digital Music Downloads and more...
  • Prize Fulfillment. No matter what prizes your sweepstakes offers, SweepstakesPros will notify winners, coordinate signing of prize releases, securely store and deliver your prizes and provide toll free customer support to answer any questions your winners may have.