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100% Guarantee

SweepstakesPros indemnifies you and assumes all liability for all of the work we do on your promotion. We stand behind everything we do with a 100% guarantee!

SweepstakesPros promotions will increase sales, build your opt-in email list, excite consumers about a new product launch and drive large amounts of traffic to your website or retail store. From simple online contest entry forms to instant win games or viral sweepstakes, SweepstakesPros creates customized promotions that motivate consumer behavior, generate excitement and maximize results.

SweepstakesPros will manage all aspects of your online or offline promotion including strategy, research, creative design, technology, administration, legal, winner selection and prize fulfillment. We will track the performance of your contest, marketing and advertising during the campaign and optimize the effectiveness of your promotion to ensure success. to increase performance and maximize the campaign.

SweepstakesPros comprehensive Contest Administration Services, Prize Management Services and Contest Development Services ensure that your promotions will be a success.

SweepstakesPros has driven over 4,500,000 sweepstakes entries in 30 days!

SweepstakesPros is Trusted by Small Businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, and Millions of Consumers!

  • Ubisoft
  • Dollar General
  • JBL
  • Energizer
  • Dickies
  • Shell
  • Sony
  • Huggies
  • Evian
  • AT&T
  • Food Network
  • eBay

Promotions Achieve Your Marketing Goals

  • Attract New Customers. 80% of consumers enter online sweepstakes.
  • Increase Sales. 69% of consumers have made a purchase due to a promotion.
  • Steal Your Competitors Customers. Up to 44% of consumers are very likely to switch brands due to an effective promotion.
  • Create Buzz. 2 in 3 consumers would likely purchase a product if it was recommended to them by family, a friend, or someone they know.
  • Increase Ad Effectiveness. Consumers are more than twice as likely to respond to an ad if it includes an appealing incentive.
  • Build Customer Loyalty Reward programs are highly effective at retaining customers and driving repeat purchases.
  • Increase Productivity. Motivate employees and sales teams with strong promotional incentives.
  • Build Your Mailing List. Promotions drive registrations from offline consumers and online consumers alike.

About Us

SweepstakesPros is a full service, interactive promotions agency that specializes in creating online campaigns that motivate consumer behavior and drive brand engagement. Whether its sweepstakes, contests, games, mobile promotions, loyalty programs, viral marketing or social media engagements, SweepstakesPros has over 20 years of experience in building campaigns that influence and excite your audience, and drive immediate results.


Our most popular types of promotions are...

Standard Sweepstakes Campaigns

These promotions provide cost effective incentives that are easy for yuur customers to enter. Standard Sweepstakes Campaigns are typically a simple registration form and a thank you page. Winners are randomly selected from a pool of online, in-store and mail-in entries.

Facebook Sweepstakes & Contests

Build likes and engage your Facebook audience with powerful incentives. Facebook sweepstakes and contests generate interest, excitement and viral growth. We will create a custom designed sweepstakes or contest app, help you pick the most effective prizes and handle all of the legal and administration necessary to make your campaign a success.

Viral Tell-a-Friend Sweepstakes

A Viral Sweepstakes is an excellent way to generate traffic and significantly increase registrations. A Viral Sweepstakes can be incorporated into any other type of online sweepstakes (such as a standard sweepstakes or instant win), and rewards visitors for inviting their friends to play.

After entering the sweepstakes, consumers are offered more chances to win by telling their friends about the sweepstakes. Consumers can automatically share the sweepstakes on their favorite social network (such as Twitter or Facebook) or send an email inviting their friends to enter the sweepstakes. By giving consumers more chances to win, they are provided a powerful incentive to invite friends and associates to enter.

Mobile Sweepstakes

More than 90% of the people in the United States have mobile phones, which makes Mobile Sweepstakes the best way to engage consumers right when they see your product or ad. SweepstakesPros mobile technologies let you create an effective mobile sweepstakes quickly and affordably.

  • Mobile Sweepstakes and Games
  • Multimedia Marketing
  • MMS Multimedia Downloads
  • Mobile Websites & Applications
  • Toll Free Call-in Campaigns
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Personalized Voice Messages

Photo/Video/Essay Contests

SweepstakesPros interactive contest platform allows us to build online photo, essay or video contests quickly and affordably. Our contests include everything needed for your contest including file uploads, an online gallery, voting, moderation, judging and a secure administration interface.

Instant Win Sweepstakes

An Instant Win Sweepstakes is a fantastic way to build excitement for a sweepstakes. An Instant Win Sweepstakes immediately notifies the visitor if he or she has won a prize. This instant notification gives added incentive to enter the sweepstakes and provides an immediate sense of gratification for the visitor.

Sweepstakes Games

Whether it’s scratch and win, spin and win, trivia, concentration, driving, e-learning or custom games, SweepstakesPros game designers build fun, engaging games that make consumers want to return everyday to play.

Toll Free Call-in Sweepstakes

SweepstakesPros can make it easy for consumers to enter your sweepstakes just by dialing a toll free number. Clear voice prompts guide consumers through the entry process and give you the perfect opportunity to tell them more about your products and services.

Custom Sweepstakes

SweepstakesPros specializes in creating custom sweepstakes and games tailored to fit your promotional goals. Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Promotions Administration Services

Managing and administering promotions can be very complicated. In addition to running the promotion and selecting winners, rules must be drafted, laws need to be obeyed, insurance should be obtained, winners must be validated for eligibility, taxes must be reported, and prizes must be delivered.

SweepstakesPros provides the full range of sweepstakes administrative, legal and management services so you have everything you need to run successful sweepstakes and contests. We give you the information and advice you need on how best to run your contest, access to legal counsel to ensure that your promotion is compliant with all applicable laws, and we will manage and optimize your sweepstakes so you are ensured success.


We are experts at running successful, legal sweepstakes and contests. We provide concept development, prize structure planning, execution management and strategic guidance to maximize the results of your promotion.

Full Legal Indemnification

We will take full liability for all of our work. We provide full indemnification to you for all of the services we provide (unless, of course, you disregard our recommendations.)

Drafting Contest Rules and Regulations

We will draft the Official Rules & Regulations for your contest to comply with all applicable laws.

Independent Judging & Arbitration

SweepstakesPros will act as the third party independent judging organization for your contest. We will interpret rules and make fair and impartial decisions if issues arise and we will arbitrate any consumer complaints or inquiries. This will protect you. By designating SweepstakesPros as the third party independent judge in the Official Rules of the contest you (and more importantly your entrants) agree that if an issue or complaint arises, SweepstakesPros will decide how best to proceed. Courts have upheld that decisions by third party independent judges are binding and this limits your entrants from suing if a problem occurs.

Mail-in Entry Management

All sweepstakes must have a free method of entry. Often this is established by allowing consumers to mail-in entries for free. SweepstakesPros will establish and maintain post office boxes for mail-in entries and compile all entries received for the random drawing and, if needed, data enter all submissions so that you can import them into your contact database..

Contest Management

SweepstakesPros will manage the operation of the contest including:

  • The day-to-day operation of the contest.
  • Customer Service in order to reply to help requests
  • Initial Judging. SweepstakesPros can review each entry and narrow down and/or disqualify entrants prior to the final round of judging.

Winner Documentation and Validation

SweepstakesPros will draft and deliver the winner validation and release documents for your contest (such as the Congratulations Letter, Affidavit of Eligibility, Advertising and Publicity Release, and the Prize and Travel Releases). We will receive the completed paperwork from the winners and complete the validation process to verify each winner’s eligibility in the contest. We will then store and file all winner affidavits in compliance will all applicable laws.

Background Checks

Winners can generate great PR for your company, they can also pose a significant PR nightmare when they have criminal records. SweepstakesPros can investigate the background of your winners to determine if you should promote them in the press and in your advertising.

Prize Acquisition

SweepstakesPros distributes over 50,000 brand name items so we can find the right prizes at discount prices, or we will source and acquire custom prizes or find and negotiate with potential prize sponsors for free prizes. See our Prize Management Services for more information.

Prize Insurance

Want to offer a $50,000 prize but only have a $5,000 budget? SweepstakesPros can help you take the risk out of a great promotional idea by acquiring a prize insurance policy for your grand prize for a fraction of the prize amount.

Tax Filings

You are responsible for reporting (and sometimes withholding) winnings for winners who receive $600 or more in prizes. SweepstakesPros will prepare and issue the appropriate IRS tax forms to all applicable winners and will withhold and submit the appropriate winnings and documentation to the IRS if required.

Full Legal Services (Domestic & International)

We provide information and advice on how best to run your sweepstakes and access to legal counsel to ensure that your promotion is compliant with all applicable U.S. federal and state laws, Canadian and provincial laws and international laws.

Promotions Insurance Coverage

Most business insurance will not cover your company if you run into trouble while running a sweepstakes or contest. But if you work with SweepstakesPros, we will take on that risk. All of our services are covered under a comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance policy which is expressly designed for promotions marketing and sweepstakes. Our insurance covers all of the services and materials we provide.

Advertising Review

We will provide you will the mandatory legal language, abbreviated rules and regulations and the required disclaimers for all of your advertising materials (print, radio, television, web, etc.). We will then review all of your advertising, media and materials to ensure that they are consistent with the promotional offer and with all federal and state regulations.

State Registration and Bonds

In the U.S., the states of Arizona, Rode Island, New York & Florida all have regulations requiring registration of sweepstakes or contests under certain conditions. In addition, if the total prize value of your sweepstakes is over $5,000, separate surety bonds for the total value of all prizes are required in New York and Florida. SweepstakesPros will manage the registration and filing of your promotion in each state and acquire the appropriate surety bonds (or if eligible, file a surety bond waiver request) so that all of your state filing requirements are covered. We also handle international filings and bonds too.

Contest Help Desk

Questions and complaints from contest entrants can quickly escalate into PR issues and legal disputes. SweepstakesPros will establish a help desk to ensure your consumers that a trusted 3rd party is responding to their requests quickly and fairly.

Contest Moderation

Running contests featuring user generated content can drive significant traffic to your website, so reviewing content prior to positing live on the site or in the gallery will protect your brand from inappropriate and possibly illegal content being displayed.

SweepstakesPros professional moderators will review all entries before they are posted live to the site or online gallery. We will:

  • Create contest rules, regulations, terms of use, posting guidelines and FAQ’s
  • Draft content moderation guidelines to be used by the moderators to approve/disqualify entries.
  • Review and moderate entries daily, weekly or in real-time as entries are received.
  • Notify entrants if their contest entries have been disqualified.
  • If applicable, email entrants as soon as their entries are posted live in the contest gallery.
  • Setup the systems and respond to inappropriate content notifications by visitors.
  • Provide moderation reports to keep you informed and up to date.

Third Party Winner Selection

How do you ensure customers and courts that your sweepstakes was fair? By having SweepstakesPros pick your winners. As an independent party, SweepstakesPros has no incentive to pick your “best” customers so we will ensure that your winners are picked fairly and impartially. To pick your winners, SweepstakesPros will compile all of the sweepstakes entries and complete a supervised, impartial, random drawing to select the winners.

Winners Lists

You are required by law to provide a list of winners to all who request it. SweepstakesPros will create an independent, certified official winners’ list for your sweepstakes or contest and fulfill all winners' list requests.

Prize Fulfillment & Travel Management

Whether its trips, cars, TVs or cash, SweepstakesPros will manage the fulfillment of all of your prizes. We will notify winners, coordinate signing of prize releases, securely store and deliver your prizes and provide toll free customer support to answer any questions your winners may have.

Data Security and Document Retention

In the U.S., each state has different data security and document retention laws that must be followed when you run a sweepstakes or contest. In addition, documented procedures need to be followed to adhere to the law and limit liability. SweepstakesPros will securely manage your promotion and data and maintain the appropriate documents so you don’t have to worry.

Prize Management Services

Selecting the right prizes for your promotion is the single most important factor in determining your promotion’s success. Selecting the right prizes can increase participation in your promotion 16 times (5% vs. 83% participation). SweepstakesPros will ensure that we choose the right prizes for your promotion and for your budget and we will make sure that the prizes are delivered to your winners quickly and affordably. SweepstakesPros will:

  • Help define your target audience and their interests/needs/passions.
  • Develop a prize structure that will have the greatest appeal to your consumers.
  • Source the prizes at the best prices or negotiate with prize partners for FREE prizes.
  • Warehouse and fulfill all prizes with personalized congratulations letters.
  • Manage all of the travel arrangements for trip prizes.
  • Provide online and toll free customer service to all winners.

SweepstakesPros distributes over 50,000 brand name items.
We can find the right prizes at discount prices!

Contest Development and Technology Services

SweepstakesPros has the technology and expertise to create any type of online or offline promotion. Our years of experience, managing hundreds of promotions, has enabled us to develop sophisticated technologies that can deliver, manage and track your online contest and integrate the campaign with any offline component.

Experienced Promotions Experts

Experienced Project Managers, Developers, Designers, Consultants and Engineers and will ensure that your online promotion is a success. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will guarantee that all aspects of your promotion (from creative design, production and QA testing to campaign delivery and winners selection) will exceed your expectations. And, our technical support staff is available to assist you with any questions.

Sweepstakes/Contest Development

Production and implementation of all of the necessary HTML (or Flash) pages. In addition to support for both HTML and Flash-based forms, sweepstakes can be incorporated into more advanced online games or systems, such as games of skill or other activities (such as automatic entry sweepstakes where registered web site visitors are automatically entered into a sweepstakes).

Integrated Designs

We can incorporate any creative design or game concept into our promotions engines.

Quality Assurance Testing

Our Quality Assurance Engineers perform rigorous testing of your promotion for functionality, browser support, stability, security and load.

High Volumes

Our load balanced servers support extremely large volumes of traffic.

Fault Tolerance

Our systems provide redundancy for hardware, software, power and bandwidth.

Hosting and Support

SweepstakesPros provides all necessary equipment, servers and software. Enterprise scalability, maximum security and complete redundancy are provided with firewall and virus protection, load balanced web servers, clustered database servers, daily backups, and 24x7 monitoring and support and management.

Scheduled Start and End Dates

Promotions automatically start and end at scheduled times. Pre-launch and post-completion pages are automatically displayed to visitors before the promotion begins and after the game ends.

Automated Invitation Emails

Send personalized emails. Open, click and conversion rates can be analyzed though our online reporting interface.

Viral Sweepstakes and Social Sharing

Telling friends is easy with our built-in technologies to email an invitation to a friend or share the promotion on your favorite social sites. Consumers earn more changes to win by sharing with their friends.


Entries are validated to ensure that the information is accurate and complete and that all entrants meet the requirements of the Official Rules (e.g. entry frequency, geography, age, etc.).

Entry Restrictions

Consumers can be limited to entering the promotion based on any criteria such as email address, household, frequency (i.e., once per day), geography (i.e., excluding Florida), age (must be over 18), or any other criteria desired.

Marketing to Minors COPPA & CARU Compliance

SweepstakesPros provides automated child privacy protection systems that can block child registrations or require parental permission before children can participate in the promotion. We ensure that your sweepstakes and contests comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus which restrict sweepstakes and contests directed at children.

Data Collection and Tracking

All visitor tracking and submission data is collected centrally in a secure, redundant database.

Online Help Desk/Customer Service

SweepstakesPros’ helpful customer support staff can answer questions related to the promotion and help visitors with any promotion related issue that may arise.

Online Rules and Winners Lists

SweepstakesPros will post the official rules and the winners list online.

Online Reporting and Analysis

Evaluate activity and optimize performance while the promotion is in progress with online reporting of visitor traffic, entrants, winners, prizes issued, and viral statistics.

Post Promotion Analysis & Data

After your promotion ends, Site System provides an in-depth analysis of your promotion, a complete list of entrants (and their answers to the questions on the entry form) and a list of winners (and their associated prizes) delivered to you at the end of the promotion. Exports of entrants will be provided in ASCII (comma or tab delimited) format.

Comprehensive Security Features

SweepstakesPros comprehensive security measures include physical and online security techniques to monitor and block irregular activity (i.e., hackers, automated entries, viruses, etc.) from disrupting your promotion. Our advanced security techniques help ensure that your promotion will run smoothly, uninterrupted and error free. Our security measures include:

  • Entry Validation
  • Duplicate Validation
  • Security Image
  • Audit Logs
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • IP Address Blocking
  • Online Security
  • Physical Security

Related Services

SweepstakesPros provides a full range of promotions and marketing services so you have everything you need to run a successful campaign.

  • Online & Traditional Offline Promotions
  • Sweepstakes & Contests
  • Interactive Games
  • Viral Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagements
  • Websites & Interactive Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Prize Sourcing & Fulfillment
  • Loyalty & Reward Programs
  • Email Marketing
  • Complete Sweepstakes & Contest Management
  • Creative Design
  • Software Development
  • High Volume Hosting
  • Comprehensive Security
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Moderation Services
  • Prize Sourcing & Fulfillment
  • Insured Prizes
  • Travel Planning & Management

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